MoneyStream Known Issues


MoneyStream is early Alpha stage development. While we believe it can be safe to use, please realize that there may be bugs in the software that put your funds at risk. Only fund your wallet in very small increments and make a backup of your private key. There will be service iterruptions while we improve the resiliency of our infrastructure.

These are some of the current known issues with MoneyStream. Please report new issues on our Telegram support channel or on GitHub.

  • If user uninstalls the extension the private key will be lost. Make a backup of the WIF before uninstalling the extension!

  • The wallet reuses addresses. Improvements to privacy are planned.

  • Monetization does not start immediately. It takes 10-15 seconds for status to turn green. This will improve over time.

  • The extension UI page continuously refreshes when monetization is active. To make it stop blinking switch to a non-monetized web page and then use the MoneyStream extension UI

  • Sometimes the balance does not refresh after swiping MoneyButton. Use the refresh button.

  • Fee calculation is not efficient. Fee calculation will be improved.

  • There is no currency converter yet. Stream amounts and wallet balance should be in a local currency.

  • [Fixed in 0.1.4] Monetization does not resume when switching back to a web page that was monetized. Just refresh the page to restart monetization.

Please use the Telegram support channel to let us know if any of these issues are a priority to fix.

Thank you for your patience in resolving these issues.