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Easy MoneyStream Web Components

Charge for streaming content with pay-per-second media Web Components.

MoneyStream is Bitcoin. Global. Instant. Streamable. Cash.

❯ The internet is a streaming medium. MoneyStream is streamable money for the streaming web.
❯ MoneyStream monetizes virtually all most common browser sessions. You only pay for what you use. Use MoneyStream to watch a video, play a web game or interact with any content including simply reading a web page.
❯ MoneyStream pays websites to remove ads from a browsing session.
❯ MoneyStream pays content creators and platforms for access to streaming content using a pay-as-you-go model. There are no burdensome subscriptions to maintain. MoneyStream provides an alternative revenue model for websites and content creators without ads or subscriptions. The user always controls the funds in their wallet.
❯ MoneyStream pays for a clean content stream free from tracking ads and extraneous noise.
❯ MoneyStream allows content platforms to be created easily. One line of HTML code can enable monetization on your web site.
❯ MoneyStream provides an opportunity for everyone to earn instant cash from streaming web content. No contracts. No minimum to receive a payout. No delays. Spend cash. Receive cash.
❯ Each MoneyStream monetized browser session settles to one transaction on the bitcoin ledger.

How does MoneyStream make money?

MoneyStream is a micropayments processor that earns a small percentage of each monetized browser session from the web site.

MoneyStream Vision

Big Data analytics algorithms and Machine Learning require data sourced from human activities as inputs. Today, Big Tech harvests user data under the guise of an advertising revenue model that tracks users across the internet.

We imagine a new internet, recast in the image of bitcoin, where users own their browser sessions and other interactions with technology. In the new internet, Big Tech will need to purchase data from the owner of that data - the users. In other words, Big Tech will be the paying customer of the 7 billion, a complete inversion of control from the way the current internet works.

MoneyStream is building tools for 7 billion humans. It begins with users asserting ownership of their data by paying for their interactions with online content. It begins with MoneyStream.


Streaming money for the streaming web